Best Accessories For Cycling With Kids

frame-mounted bike seat

Kids love it when their parents love to do the activities they like, and that includes riding a bike. They love riding the bike with their parents. From frame-mounted bike seat to other accessories like trailers you can choose a variety of attachments for your bike. Cycling is a fun activity for your kid as well as a great weight loss program for you, refer for more info. You may choose whatever accessory you want for your child to ride with you, but ensure that the kid wears a helmet for safety.

Bike seats
Rear mounted: The most popular bike seat used by parents for kids. They have a high back seat, and the sides are raised which makes it safe for your child. They also have guards for legs and a belt to secure the kid. Due to the presence of a harness, your child can go off for a nap while you are cycling and you need not worry about the safety. This seat can be used to carry luggage or any shopping items when you do not have a passenger.
The cycle can become unstable when you put the extra load on the back. Another drawback of this seat is that you cannot see what your child is up to when you are cycling.

Front mounted: This is the seated variety where the child is seated in front of you. The seat is placed in the space between your cycle seat and the handlebar. They are very compact when it comes to size and ensure you have clear visibility of the road as the child sits in front of you. Many cyclists do not recommend this seats that are attached to the handlebar as the cycle cannot be easily managed. The foremost benefit of this seat is that your child is seated in front of you and hence visible to you.
These seats are not available everywhere.

Trailers: These are enclosed carriages that are attached while trailering your bike. They will have two wheels to support and an arm that is used to connect to your bike. You can place your child in that carriage which is well ventilated and has windows through which your child can see outside. There is a harness which is used to strap the child and hence very secure. A trailer is large and has comfortable seats and also an area where you can keep your kid’s toys. It also comes as a two-seater.
The only disadvantage of this is that the child is not visible to you and can turn over on bad roads.

Safety rules:
Though cycling is a safe and fun activity which benefits the health too, when traveling with kids there are a few safety rules you must follow. Wearing a helmet is a personal choice but is recommended as it will protect your kids when there is a minor accident.
Buy accessories that comply with safety standards.
A kid should be put on a bike only if he or she can sit without assistance else it is not recommended that you take them.

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