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Gifts Not To Be Given To Colleagues At Farewell


When one of your colleagues or co-workers takes up a new job opportunity or retires from work, you give some thoughtful and meaningful gifts. Though this is not a rule that you should gift someone but may at work do, it can be a funny leaving cards or heart touching messages or poems like these metro.co.uk/2017/07/01/21-messages-quotes-and-poems-to-write-in-a-leaving-card-for-a-colleague-6747181/. It is more of appreciation for the person and hence it is crucial not to give a wrong gift and alienate your coworker. A wrong gift conveys a false message and makes the giver and the receiver uncomfortable.
Giving that perfect gift is difficult but knowing what not to give makes it a lot easier to find the right one. Below are a few things which are considered a wrong gift.

Gift with poor messages: While gifting a leaving card be careful of what is written as a message in it. Any word which is demeaning to the women or against any minority or race should be a big no. Even messages which are derogatory to people is not a good one to gift. Apart from messages cards should not have any artwork or cartoons which is biased should be avoided.

Religious gifts: Give presents that are generic and not based on any religion. This rule will not apply when someone specifically asks for such a gift, and in such cases, you can honor their request.

Personal items: To not give presents that are too personal like skin care products or body care products. It also includes things like toothbrush and other grooming items. You may think it is a great idea to give personal care products, but you are not aware of all the allergies that the recipient may suffer due to the usage of those items.
Other things that should not be considered while gifting is inner wear or any clothing. Though you can get away with caps, hand gloves or scarves or even a T-shirt. But most of these items are considered to be in the cheap items category.

Jewelry: Though giving jewelry especially for women by women is acceptable. Sometimes it can send a wrong message when it is gifted by opposite-sex especially as it can be considered as a romantic signal. If you want to gift a piece of jewelry find a small, casual one and that should be presented to the same sex. Also, ensure not to give expensive ones if you are offering it to opposite sex. An inexpensive watch is considered an excellent gift for jewelry, bracelets, belts, and pins are also acceptable. Diamonds and other costly stones are not a great gift to your coworker.

Money: Presenting money as a gift to your colleague is a complete no-no. Never present it to your boss or anyone else. Cash is not to be considered as a gift, but it can be given by the company you work for as a bonus and is often taxable. Money is not a personal gift, if you have run out of ideas of gifting a gift card is a good deal to you as well as the recipient.