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All You Need To Know About Hunting Knives

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A hunting knife these days is not just for killing animals but also for various other reasons. A hunter dragger is used for stabbing a wild boar, and a knife is used for hunting. The modern hunting knives come in multiple styles and designs and used for slicing and cutting apart from killing. Due to various types of knives available in the market a relatively entertaining tactical knife review of it is found on the internet. It is one of the essential gears that you should carry while on a hunt, and it should be well maintained by sharpening it like mentioned in www.americanhunter.org/articles/2017/2/16/the-right-way-to-sharpen-a-knife/.

Hunting knives uses:
A hunting knife is typically used for the below purposes:
Gutting: It can be used for removing the organs of the game you hunt and preserve the meat. The first thing you do when you dress a deer is to do a process called gutting. A hunting knife is used to cut the animal open and remove its organs.
Skinning: The process of removing the skin of the animal without causing any damage to the tissues and muscles of the game.
Boning: The next thing to do after removing the skin and gutting is to take out the meat. A hunting knife is needed to separate the bone and flesh.
Butchering: Cutting the meat is called butchering. Though it can be done in various ways, the tool needed to accomplish it is a hunting knife which can make clean cuts.

Hunting knives types:
Camp knife: This is one of the classic hunting knives you can find. It is multi-functional, and its design is such that it can do many tasks other than hunting. It has a drop point knife which can be used in the campsite for various purposes.
Bowie knife: It is more of a fighting knife than a hunting one and has a clip point blade which was popular in the 20th century. Its popularity is such that many knives are still modeled around it.
Capping Knife: This tool is used to create a trophy. It has an upturned point standing on a blade which is smaller than usual and is used to ensure that the neck of the game is not damaged. They can also be used for many other purposes other than capping.
Skinning Knife: It has short and thin blades that are curved and is used to cut the skin without damaging the hide. The edge is very sharp along with a handle which is not slippery.
Boning knife: It specializes in removing meat, its blade is narrow and is flexible.
Buck Knife: It is perfect for hunting and has clip points which can also be termed as a pocket knife.

Features of hunting knives
Gut hook: This is an optional feature but a good to have one. It is a unique blade which is used for field dressing by hunters. There are knives which have a gut hook as well as not have one and is a user preference. Some people find this a convenient feature to open the gut of the animal.
Handguard: This is also another useful feature found in hunting knives as it can get very slippery.