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Stay Plush With Sheepskin Blanket


The texture of sheepskin is lush, soft, elegant and comfortable. Blankets made of sheepskin can give you home the feel of luxury. There are many types of sheepskin blankets to choose from and identifying the highest quality is the best investment. Before shopping for sheepskin blanket it is important to understand the density, length, loft, feel and color of the sheep wool. You can find more tips on carpets and blankets at https://www.cpsc.gov/Business–Manufacturing/Business-Education/Business-Guidance/Carpets-and-Blankets/

Density can be defined as wool per square inch. The higher the wool density the better the quality. Premium sheepskin blankets from Australia have high density and it is attributed to the sheep breed. The loft of the wool is also crucial to determine the quality. The wool has to remain straight and erect, flattened wool is termed as low quality as it gets tangled, curled or matted. High quality blankets come with good density and loft.

Premium grade wool should have atleast 65mm of length and density. The right combination of the two determines the quality of the blanket. Despite the required length if the density is poor then it cannot be characterized as high quality blankets. Long fibers will not support loft and hence the blanket will look shaggy.

Sheep skin with natural ivory color without any discoloration or stains is treated to be of high quality. Premium sheepskin comes with clean look and there will be no scope for imperfection. A clear skin is the stamp of quality.

High quality wool fiber gives a soft and silky feel. It comes with a luxurious touch. It gives a comfortable feel when it comes in contact with the skin. Whether on the couch as a blanket or below your feet as a carpet, sheepskin is sure to guarantee the cozy comfort you always craved for. You can add it to your office chair, making you workdays comfortable. A good quality sheepskin can be identified by the feel and texture.

Premium sheepskin is thick, soft, supple and thick. The leather below ensure the blanket doesn’t slip away. High quality sheepskin blankets come with leather underside that is polished with fine stone giving a suede finish. This finish cannot be expected with low grade sheepskin. You can tell the quality with the quality of the inner leather. If the leather is cracking or peeling it means the quality is poor.

No defects
Good quality sheepskin is free from defects. There will be no cracks, holes, blemishes or other defects on the undersides.

High quality sheepskin is free from chemical treatment and hence is odorless. The low quality sheepskin undergoes chemically processed for tanning and hence comes with chemical odor.

The blankets are shaped uniformly. It starts at 80-90cm but there are some superior quality blankets that starts at 97 cm in length. The blankets are large and comfortable.

The full shape sheepskin blankets come with a full shape round neck area. The poor quality blankets are thin and long with pointed neck region to give the desired shape. The full length is crucial for achieving the desired appearance of the blanket.