Why You Need To Opt For A Traditional Razor Over Electric

With the latest trend of growing out a beard snowballing, shaving seems a thing of past. But as they say, trends tend to repeat. So, the day is not far off when a clean shaved face comes back in vogue. But be it shaving, trimming or growing a beard; for men, shaving and beard hygiene is part and parcel of life. A gentleman has endless choices when it comes to taking proper care of beard hair. http://www.shaverinfoformen.com/ helps you find the best soap, razor, and brush you will ever need.
If you need some tips to shave like professional, then https://www.webmd.com/men/features/mens-shaving-tips is the place to go. In this article, the focus is on the pros and cons of a traditional and electric shaver. Some men prefer a conventional razor because of the clean shave it provides. Others, tend to go for an electric razor because it is easier to use and less of a hassle. An electric shaver is convenient. It not only is faster than a regular razor when it comes to shaving but is also quicker to clean. This makes the ease of use of an electric shaver right at the top of the list.
Think about it; an electric shaver does not require any use of water or a shaving gel, cream or foam. This makes the ritual of trimming or shaving beard efficient. Furthermore, in a conventional razor one has to change the blade or cartridge after every few uses. Electric shaver does away with this chore, too. Comfort s only one aspect of shaving. The real value of a razor lies in its ability to create the cleanest shave possible. It is here that the drawbacks of an electric shaver rise.
A traditional razor will always provide a better shave. There is no doubt about it. Another negative of an electric shaver is that they are very painful if the beard hair is too long. To get a close shave, as a conventional razor provides, one has to go over patches of hair number of times. Even after careful application of the electric razor, the result is slight shadowy stubble. The good news is that the 5 O’clock shadow look is in fashion, so using an electric shaver works better than a traditional one.
For men who have skin prone to acne, a conventional razor would be a better option. This is because an electric shaver can cause nicks on the skin. These can turn into razor bumps leading to acne breakouts. The chances of cuts occurring are always lower in a traditional razor. These disadvantages of an electric shaver are not limited to the more moderate budget ones. No matter the brand and cost of an electric razor, these issues will always arise.
But there is no overlooking the fact that electric razors are blindingly fast. With busy lives, it becomes crucial to saving time. If one can spare even a few minutes every day on a shaving ritual through an electric razor, then why opt for anything else?

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